Fluke DTX1800 Cable Certifier

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The Cable Certifier is a network cable tester. This tester is without question the most well-known on the market today. There are over 40,000 devices in circulation today. It enjoys fame and rightly so. This cable certifier really stands up to its reputation. I have worked in the telecommunications field in NYC for 15+ years and I can also tell you personally this is definitely the most in-demand and acknowledged cable certifier in NYC. Almost all contractors make use of the DTX 1800 fluke meter for their copper & fiber cable assessing needs. The DTX is a powerful tool. This lan tester can test a Cat 6 cable in 9 seconds. Execute Basic fiber certification five times quicker with DTX Fiber Modules. It is additionally deadly accurate when it comes to troubleshooting. The Fluke DTX will reduce your testing budget by as much as 33% with this with its efficiency and speed. The cable analyzer also complies with TIA/ISO standards which enables you to be positive your test results are industry compliant.

DTX-1800 Simple To Operate Linkware Test Software
With the Fluke DTX 1800 it is easy to review stored test results in the linkware application that has an exceptionally intuitive interface. Using this fluke meter along with the linkware software program you may also create professional looking testing results that could be delivered through e mail to the client. These types of files are in PDF format and there is a colorful 1 page test results designed for each cable certified. This page consists of the wire map diagram of each and every conductor within the cable. Also it details the Pass/Fail for the numerous parameter checks and all of the relevant measurements for each test. The test result also entails the total length of each of the 4 pairs of the cable. This DTX Cable Analyzer from Fluke Networks is the tester for today’s contractors needs present and foreseeable future.

Cable Certifier

Various top features of the Cable Certifier include:
10 gig Copper Certification
Fiber Certification
DTX compact OTDR for all your fiber testing needs
Patch cord test
Permanent Link adapter technology illuminates false failures
Certify cabling , verify network access and link connectability
DTX AC wire map validates power over Ethernet services
In-depth , clear and understandable Linkware reports
Coax Test Solution
Troubleshooting Is A Breeze With The Fluke DTX

Linkware Software
The Fluke DTX advanced diagnostics make troubleshooting faults 2 times as fast. This tester determines the point of failure including , range from the tester and potential explanations for the fault. The 1800 doesn’t stop there. It will offer corrective actions to take so senior technicians can tackle the situation right away while not having to check with management. The straightforward wire map function is likely to make correcting shorts , swapped pairs and reversals a breeze even for not as experienced techs. The DTX 1800 also produces with regard to future proofing your investment by being able to determine 10 gig cable functionality including alien crosstalk in full compliance with industry expectations to 500 MHz. This includes Category 6a cabling.


The DTX-1800 will also help you when you’re not testing. It will decrease setup time for reports and gathering results of the testing. You can sort test results by cable ID , by date or by pass or fail to quickly identify tests that you are interested in. As an illustration : If you have 1000 tests stored away in the certifier and five of them have failed you are able to sort by Fail/Pass and the top 5 results of the tests in spreadsheet file will be the failed results.

The Fluke DTX 1800 tester kit includes :
The DTX 1800 Main and Smart Remote , the Linkware PC software , a 128 MB MSC card , Cat 6A/class Ea permanent link adapters( 2 ) , Class 6a Class E Channel Adapters ( 2 ) , Headsets for talk , 2 AC chargers the carrying case , USB interface cable , serial RS-232 cable ( DB9 to IEEE 1394 ) and user manual.

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